Mix Entertainers Catering Pack
Mix Entertainers Catering Pack

Mix Entertainers Catering Pack

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This assorted  box provides a scrumptious range of premium handmade doughnuts, cannoli and strawberry tarts. The best of the best.  It is the perfect birthday box.

 6 doughnuts, 6 Cannoli and 4 mini strawberry tarts. Yum! Yum! Yum

  specialise in making a variety of yeast-raised artisan doughnuts that are crafted with love. Our doughnut is made without using animal fat. Our custards are made using A2 Milk. 

  Our doughnuts are fresh! They are made to order and use 100% Australian ingredients. 

 Our cream pâtisserie used in our doughnuts and cannoli  is made using A2 milk.

 Nutella doughnuts contain nuts. The Sweet and Savoury Chef reserves the right to substitute any product/products with the same  quality or  value when products may not be  available.

Please call 0414 054 415 if you require any assistance. 

 See Delivery Page prior to placing your order.  All orders need to be in by 2pm. This item is subject to change as it contains a seasonal product.